Flow (working title)
Installation, 2009-2011
A series of temporary installations in which objects found on location were used to support drawings. The drawings had no set order. After the show the objects returned to their normal function within the institution.

Installation with projector and daylight in darkened space, 2009

Installation with overhead projector, container, plastic cup, mist maker, print, water, 2008
Photo: Willem Vermaase

Installation with projection on crumpled paper of 1.50 x 2.60, 2008
A dotted line follows exactly the ridges of the crumpled paper it is projected on.
Photo: Willem Vermaase

Monument for a moment
inkjet print 16 x 20.4 cm, 2008

'I am afraid of passing away in a blizzard, so close to the safe hut nearby, yet so far, at only 31 years old. June 27th, 2007'.

Letters to the man on the moon
Ink on paper, framed 35x45 cm, 2007

Photo: Willem Vermaase

Pen drawing, ink on paper, 3 x 1,5 meter, 2007

Photo: Willem Vermaase
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