A large part of the objects in the installation were found on ebay. The objects were bought from private persons who had at some point purchased something from an environmental organisation, for which they now wanted a good price. Some of them wrote that the object was expensive when it was purchased. They seemed to have forgotten that the original price included a donation to an environmental cause. [...] Many other items were bought directly from environmental organisations as well as from 'green' stores. In a folder that came with one of the acquisitions I read the slogan "Schönes Kaufen, Gutes Tun" As I did a great deal of shopping for this work, this would mean I did many a good deed. But what if I would sell this the work, will my good deeds then be transferred to the owner of the artwork?
"Why tidy my exhibition space when the whole world is in a mess?", tentoonstellingstekst fragment, 2013