The Library
installation/library, 2014

On criss lying trunks various books and clippings form a narrative on landscape as an identity shaping process. Visitors can seat themselves in the trunks. Abbreviated titles carved into the trunks function as catalogue.

Towards a more natural forest
book / xylotheque, original title 'Op weg naar een natuurlijker bos', 2011-2014

"We lopen met een groepje mensen in recreatiegebied 'De Dennen'. Het beheer in dit gebied is gericht op het doen ontstaan van een zo natuurlijk mogelijk bos. Om het proces van verval en verjonging in de gesloten bospercelen op gang te brengen helpt Staatsbosbeheer hier en daar een handje door kleine plekken open te zagen." (Excerpt)

The Artificially Intelligent Art Project
interactive evolving script, 2014

The project describes the development of an artificilly intelligent artwork which learns to speak for itself through dialogue with its audience. You can speak with the artwork here (EN / NL)
Why tidy my exhibition space when the whole world is in a mess?
Installation with objects labelled as environmental, varying size, 2013
The 80's Greenpeace slogan of which the title is an adaptation brings into mind a child questioning the figure of authority on why it should obey cleaning rules when grownups fail to take their responsibility in the world. The idea is that example is better than precept. Caring for the environment was regarded mainly an individual consumer's responsibility, opposed to something to be enforced by authority. Looking back at several decades of increased ecological problems the many calls for action seem more poignant than ever.
Photo: David Brandt

An Artist is Everyone
text, online, 2012

Constructed solely from quotes found online, each containing the word 'artist', this text reflects on the artist's role, as well as on authorship. Read here

Pioneer 1-3
(What the white had to say)

Video, video installation, collage, 2012-2013
Through the motions of actors we can distinguish white shapes in an all white space. The white space is constructed in part with stock footage copy spaces -empty spaces intended to hold a message. Without any such messages, we may explore what the white has to say.

Anthropocene machine
Installation, 2012
A gathering on the floor of rocks, fossils, ceramics, stone simulacra and trinkets.

The making of Sand
video-installation, 2011
An abstract, moving painting is created through real-time video-registration of a wet road at night.

Untitled (5)
Photograph, 25 x 17 cm, 2010

Untitled (monochrome)
text print, 29,7 x 21 cm, 2010

'I am standing in the middle of a vast landscape. I tell you I am 'in the middle', to give you an idea, a picture in your mind. But the truth is, I have no idea, if where I'm standing, is the middle. There is nothing for my eyes to hold on to, nothing to determine position, nothing to determine scale. I am surrounded by endless white, not black: white. White as far as I can see, an unhindered, unbroken white.'

The eye of the storm
video-installation, 2009
A line of 34 film simultaneously playing clips is projected on all walls of a space. Each clip is a fragment with a duration of 53 seconds, taken from a road movie. Upon entering the viewer is surrounded by cacophony, but after more careful attention he can unravel the internal logic of the work. As soon as this happens, the same clips are viewed in an entirely different way.
Photo: Willem Vermaase

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